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"Szabo and Associates and the team that serviced my matter - headed by George Szabo and Maddie Roberts - are a pleasure to work with. In my career I have dealt extensively with legal and other professionals and Szabo are first class. Their attention, approach and solution-mindset is a rare and valuable asset for a client."

Michael Jacobsen, Governmental Advisor/Entrepreneur

"I engaged George Szabo and Associates for a conveyancing and estate matter. I found George and his staff to be courteous and highly professional. George provided sound advice and diligently checked all work. All commitments he made were met in full. I am happy to recommend George Szabo and Associates."

Martin Ryan

"Friendly, Cheerful, Thorough, informative, ethical and professional in the true sense of my dealing with Szabo & Associates. If you want to experience the same journey as I did, then I recommend Szabo & Associates and money well spent! Szabo & Associates is now my legal representative should issues arise as I can count on them being meticulous in the work they do."

Charles Gondan

"George and his team have been absolutely tremendous with the purchase of our new property. I first contacted Szabo & Associates Solicitors in August 2020 and my experience since has been incredibly streamlined and professional. George gave my partner and I advice on two properties, one which we purchased in October 2020. The team have been responsive from day one and they have a real hands-on approach and a 'human' element to dealings with the law, contracts etc which is hard to find. Mostly, George is honest. That's very rare. Thank you to the team at Szabo!"

Vanessa Calvaresi

"Szabo Solicitors went above and beyond on the purchase of our investment property. After our original legal representation needed to pull out due to health concerns, George and his team stepped in and took over a very complicated sale.

The were able to uncover potential issues missed by both our original solicitor and the vendors solicitor. Definitely five star service."

Rita Sterne

"I approached Szabo & Associates Solicitors over the Christmas holidays, needing help with a commercial lease. I was pleasantly surprised when George Szabo personally called me on the 2nd of January. From then on, we established a good working relationship, working on a tight deadline to get things moving regarding my lease of commercial property.

George was always there with professional advice and helped me sign my lease agreement within the expected time frame, which enabled me to open my business faster. I would highly recommend Szabo & Associates Solicitors as a very professional legal service, caring about their client's needs and dealing in a prompt and timely manner."

Iliana Koleva

"Szabo and Associates were referred to me by a dear friend and I have been very lucky to have to help me get my probate document after my husband passed away very suddenly.

Dealing with the loss and all the legal procedure was not easy but George and his team made it very smooth for me and everything was resolved with no complication and understood my situation well."

Manjoo Lalwani

"I was in need of a solicitor who was local, thorough and very responsive - in a heated property market, you sometimes need to act at the drop of a hat. George and Jade were all that, and more. They were incredibly welcoming, obliging to my requests, and helped fill me in on matters I knew little about. Their cost structure was also very fair. It was exactly the service you want in stressful circumstances - the sort that quietly gets the job done! Look forward to a continuing relationship.”

Nataniel Kraizelburd

"George has been my family’s solicitor for over 20 years. He has helped my wife and I buy and sell several properties, and to keep our respective wills up to date as our life circumstances changed over the years. Having an up to date will is important, hopefully you will never be called upon to administer an Estate often enough to get good at it, so when you do, then having the right legal team supporting you is critical.

Sadly, having to administer an Estate is exactly what I had to do after my wife of 20 years passed away. I was naturally devastated, while dealing with the grief and practicalities of funeral arrangements I also needed to deal with the life insurance company. The life company we thought was a reputable business associated with one of the four major banks. Sadly, this was not the case, by the end of the process I learned I was one of many legitimate claimants that they were avoiding paying through a variety of tactics.

I was at the end of my ability to cope and asked George to take over and sort it out. He was brilliant. He pursued the insurance company with vigour and diligence. Where they would ignore me, they could not ignore George. I am utterly certain that without George on my team I would still be arguing with the company.

Once that was sorted there were other matters to deal with both large and small but were all much easier with his professional guidance.

George has been brilliant and I greatly appreciate his support, good council and diligence in getting my wife’s estate sorted.

I recommend George and his team at SZABO & ASSOCIATES unreservedly.”

Richard Burgmann

"Dear George, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to make this day happen. The process of contesting my late father’s Will was a stressful one. From commencing proceedings to attending the (unsuccessful) mediation and then preparing for the Supreme Court hearing and waiting for the Judgement has been the most amazing and at times harrowing experience and you have been there by my side. You and the barristers provided an expert legal framework, nuanced strategy and pure arse and genius right to the end. What an incredible team we make!

Judge Slattery’s decision (here) is a very moving document. He unfolds my story with sensitivity and care. It is clear he understood the complexities of my relationship with my father. He has acknowledged and validated me which has been so healing. I will always be grateful for his deep considerations - he has given me a most treasured gift.

Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.”

Helen Bindoff

"I contacted Szabo & Associates Solicitors when my mother passed away. It was my view that I had not received a fair provision in my mother’s Will.

The case was certainly stressful and I was glad when it was over but I must say that it was worth doing, since I received far more than was originally allotted to me in the will, including lawyers' fees. George was confident that I would win, so confident that together with barrister Kim Morrissey he made me a "no win - no fee" contract. While on tour in Europe, Kim took some time off his holidays for a conference with me and my wife, which was very much appreciated. Being in France, all contact I had with George and Kim was via emails and Skype calls, so it was good and reassuring to meet one of them in the flesh. George and Kim were able to obtain a better offer for me at the compulsory mediation and because of that I did not have to take the case to the Supreme Court which would have been far more stressful and expensive. I can say without hesitation that I contacted the right people for the job. Apart from being friendly and not keeping too close an eye on their watches while discussing the case with me, they were definitely efficient and very professional. I can't thank you enough, George and Kim.”

Denis Bonner

"During both the purchase and the exit of our small business my partner and I found the advice given by George Szabo to be spot on. He was able to point out the pros and cons of his advice and, when the need arose, to point out the problems with any approach we might have suggested. We have little doubt that his expertise helped us considerably, especially in the end process. The other very important thing about George was the timeliness of his replies. Although we were very small players he would respond to us on any question or issue within 24 hours (and believe me we had plenty of questions towards the end). Therefore, based on our experience, if you want correct and timely advice then we strongly recommend Szabo & Associates to you.”

Neil Cotterill

"I recently secured the services of George Szabo through a Google website search. I found the website gave me a very comprehensive overview of the steps involved in contesting a Will. I gave George a call and from the outset I found George to be very down to earth and well informed of the legal process. George's main concern was a favourable outcome for myself and he was very thorough in collecting the information required to make an assessment of my case. He made me feel comfortable from the outset and was very professional and prompt in his communication with me at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending Szabo & Associates and will continue to use George and his services in the future."

Maria Lamari

"I would just like to thank George Szabo of Szabo & Associates, Solicitors, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW.

Living in New Zealand and realising that the estate of my late parents in Sydney and their will did not include me, I approached a lawyer here and was told to contact George Szabo. My lawyer did not know George but had carefully selected him for me because of George's website, and his professional attributes.

George has worked very hard on my behalf and within a very short time frame he has secured a settlement for me that will provide me with security and enable me to live more comfortably than previously, and he has acted professionally and with integrity at all times. He listened and gave advice and communicated proceedings as they progressed.

I would absolutely recommend him to all those with legal issues pertaining to his qualifications. He is great.

Susan Romanoff

"I have been one of George's clients since 1997.

He did a great job on my will, including several revisions over the years, and investment property conveyance.

George advises you of what you need to know to make well-informed decisions."

Dr Heinz Hermann

"I wish to express my appreciation of the service provided to me by George Szabo and Associates.

My husband passed away after a long illness and left me in the unfortunate situation where I was not to own the family home we all had lived in for the past 17 years.

I approached my previous solicitor and asked for advice. He argued that contesting my husband’s final wishes would be costly and drawn out and not promising success.

I researched online and found in George Szabo a specialist in will contests. He set me up with a cost-free phone consultation in which I explained my circumstances and my dilemma.

From pricing (cost agreement) and preparing the paperwork, to the eventual process of mediation and final satisfactory settlement, I felt totally confident in his judgement and professionalism.

George Szabo communicated extremely well throughout the whole period and was honest and very professional. It’s a rare thing to find a solicitor who isn't greedy for a contract, rather having my best interests at heart, understanding that contesting my husband’s will is not a business transaction but an intensely personal and stressful time in my life.

I cannot recommend George Szabo and Associates highly enough."

Angelika Goudis

"I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for everything that you’ve done regarding my Succession case. Succession cases are nearly impossible to win and I’m very happy that we received a generous and substantial judgment.

After losing my former Australian husband and receiving a notification of Succession Act rights from his estate's solicitor in Australia, I had no idea what it meant.

Being in America, I searched the internet and was very lucky to have found you. Right from the start you were very responsive and offered your expert advice and also recommended a top specialist barrister. After working diligently for nearly two years, your expertise resulted in a very successful result.

I appreciate all of your expert advice, professionalism, and support while dealing with such delicate and important matters.

Your friendly and compassionate nature made my extremely complicated case feel as easy as possible.

Thank you, George! I am pleased to report that the judgment I received will enhance my life in a very positive manner."

Adele Milewski

"When we decided to sell our house, we had more questions than answers. It should be simple to sell your home, but when you are selling the home for the first time we found it's not simple as it looked. We had questions about the cooling off period, the settlement date etc. These sort of questions popped up and we weren't sure how all these are going to be tackled. We have had a business relationship with George for some time. In spite of our association, initially, we hadn't thought about using Szabo associates and were scrambling around to see someone locally - purely for convenience. It was suggested by one of our colleagues that we contact Szabo as they had carried out a few transactions with 100% strike rate.

Looking back now it was a wise decision to go with Szabo associates. Christine Yee, their Licensed Conveyance Paralegal, was there to answer every question that we had. Sometimes we were on the phone for more than 30 minutes asking questions. Every time we called she was there to clarify matters. She was in constant touch with us to update the process and followed up in case if we forget to send some information. The personal care and "holding hands" approach really helped in removing the worry.

We once again thank George and Chris for their fantastic service and we wish them all success. We are sure to use Szabo's service once again when we next move home."

Nanda Kumar

"I have now known Szabo associates since 2007. Recently, I have made my 3rd house purchase and again it has been swift and smooth as always. From day one everything was acted on promptly and checked thoroughly. In the mean time I wrote my will with Szabo as well, and things I didn't even think of George & his staff made me aware of. In future, I'll always ask Szabo solicitors for advice."

Marcel Krug

"Thank you for all your help during what has been a very difficult time for our family. We appreciated you taking the reins on the Probate process as we had no idea of how to approach this. The speed of the Probate approval was very welcome and a testament to your knowledge of the process. Also wish to thank you and Christine for your assistance in the sale of mum's property which went very smoothly. Having really no concept of what was involved in being an executor of an estate we were very grateful for your friendly and professional manner in navigating us through. Our mum would have been very thankful for your assistance."

Meagan Judge & Rosann Montgomery

"My husband and I, knowing very little about conveyancing and the process of purchasing a property, came to Szabo and Associates for their help when buying our first home. Christine took the time to explain everything in plain English and kept us updated every step of the way. We were free to focus our energy on other things, knowing that our affairs were being dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. We are very grateful for Christine’s assistance and will recommend Szabo and Associates to others in the future!"

Rebekah Brindle

"As a Financial Planner, I have been referring my clients to George for several years to ensure they have a Will and Estate Plan to suit their individual circumstances and I know he looks after them as I would want to be looked after myself."

James Willis

"Many thanks for your advice and guidance re the sale of my house.

Your communication and explanation over the 'ins and outs' of property settlement was wonderful – every email was clear and straight forward in relation to all of the various requests made by the buyers.

I will highly recommend you to my friends and family when they sell or buy in the future."

Julie Ann Harrington

"We had previously utilised Szabo & Associates for our estate planning services..

When it came to selling our business we had no hesitation in retaining George Szabo as our solicitor and he really eased us through all the roadblocks and saved us from making some incorrect decisions during the process, ensuring a successful outcome.

We will definitely be recommending Szabo & Associates to our friends and relatives in the future."

John, Linda & Simon Allaway

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