An apprehended violence order or AVO is an order made by the court against a person who is placing you in a state of fear for your safety to protect you from further violence or intimidation from that person. An AVO can protect you from violence or domestic violence from a husband, wife or partner.

Applying for an AVO in Sydney or NSW

If you are the victim of violence you can apply for an AVO. You can also apply if:

  • You are being stalked, intimidated, harassed or molested by a specific individual, either in person or by telephone or electronic media, and you fear for your safety.
  • You are in fear of being assaulted.

There are two types of apprehended violence orders:

Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO)

This is made in situations where the person against whom you are seeking to have the order made is currently living with you, has previously lived with you or you are, or have been, involved in an intimate relationship. These orders can also be made against persons who have provided you with care.

Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO).

These orders are made where the people involved are not related and do not have an intimate relationship. Strangers and work colleagues fall into this category, for instance.

The person who is the subject of either order does not automatically acquire a criminal record.  Instead, they are prevented from assaulting, harassing intimidating or threatening you, from stalking you and from approaching you, approaching or entering places you live, work or frequent, from damaging your property. This prohibition can also apply to your dependents or anyone else in a domestic relationship with you.

Breaching an Apprehended Violence Order is a Criminal Offence. The order lasts for a certain period of time, fixed by the court. You can apply for an extension if you still have a reasonable fear of the person subject to the order.

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