The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, located in Sydney, was established in 1980 as a superior court of record with exclusive jurisdiction in environmental matters. It deals with both civil and criminal cases. Depending on the nature of the case, the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and the New South Wales Court of Appeal, both divisions of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, may hear appeals from the Land and Environment Court.

When established, the Court was the world’s first specialist environmental superior court in the world. 

What Issues are Dealt with in the Land and Environment Court?

As a specialist court, it deals with matters such as development approvals, compulsory purchase compensation, prosecutions for environmental offences and other issues regarding planning and land use. This includes civil enforcement and judicial review of decisions under planning or environmental laws, criminal proceedings for offences against planning or environmental laws and mining matters. It also has the power to make decisions about certain types of native title claims in NSW.

The Court can hear appeals concerning development application decisions by local councils; building application decisions and orders and notices by local councils; appeals against land valuations by the Office of the Valuer General; award compensation to owners if their land is acquired by the NSW Government; deal with environmental crimes, such as pollution; and hear appeals from people found guilty of an environmental offence in a local court.

How can Szabo & Associates, Solicitors Help?

Our lawyers act on behalf councils and a wide range of private clients required to attend the Land and Environment Court. We can assist you in understanding the processes of the Court: as the specialist environmental and planning court, it has developed a particular system of rules and practices to deal with the variety of processes in its jurisdiction.

We can advise and represent you in the Court if you wish to take action or, if you are a defendant, we can advise on the action which has been brought against you. Our team can offer suggestions and give you options to maximise the outcome for you.

We can assist clients involved in planning or environmental law disputes by developing a cost effective and efficient litigation strategy or by engaging in alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve disputes on an agreed basis.

If your property is about to be compulsory acquired by the NSW Government for a public road or some other purpose then you should speak urgently to our experienced land acquisition lawyers.

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