Szabo & Associates’ business lawyers (Sydney, NSW) can provide assistance for a range of legal matters related to the sale of business and purchase of business in NSW, including:

Preparing the contract for sale of business

Assignment and transfer of the lease of premises during the sale or purchase of a business transaction    

Drafting commercial agreements (e.g. joint ventures and partnerships)

Advice on the protection of commercial assets  

Lending agreements

Selling a Business

Szabo & Associates Solicitors can assist in the sale of business by drafting the 'contract for sale of business' and advise on all components legally required to be included in the contract of sale (including special conditions).

When you are selling a business, your business lawyer will assist you with transferring all ownership of the rights, responsibilities and assets of the business. It is imperative to identify these components, in order to ensure the contract for sale of business includes them all correctly, to avoid any issues arising at a later stage. These can include:

The business name, licences (including the transferral of liquor licenses), trademarks, patents and goodwill

Business premises (e.g. you may need to transfer a retail, commercial or industrial lease or require conveyancing to transfer ownership)

The business' fixed assets, equipment and stock

Employment contracts (if there are current employees)

Any supplier agreements and current invoices/orders

Information about the business' debtors and financial structure, including taxation

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