Road traffic law is a complex area, and one that affects all drivers, no matter how careful. Losing your licence can have a serious impact on your life and livelihood, as well as your family. When most people are accused of a road traffic offence, they think of the ‘loopholes’ that are available. While we can’t help you escape the law, we can, by thoroughly preparing and expertly arguing your defence in court.

Section 10 (Crime Sentencing Procedure) Act

Section 10 is a provision which allows the court to dispense with road traffic matters without a conviction. Without a conviction, they do not have to issue a penalty, meaning you will not have a criminal record. They may still impose demerit points, however.

Road Traffic Law NSW

The authorities in New South Wales treat road traffic offences very seriously. Each year over 1 million fines are handed out for road traffic offences. If you have received a fine which you dispute, a penalty notice or you have had your licence suspended we can help.

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