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If you have clients who have questions or concerns relating to the management of an estate, or on the interpretation of a Will, you may be able to assist them by referring them to a law firm with a proven track record in the effective handling of these matters.

At Szabo & Associates, Solicitors we believe that both you, and your clients, could significantly benefit from the ease and convenience of a referral service that allows for their legal concerns on estate planning to be dealt with through a tailored package of services. We regularly work with financial planners and accountants on estate matters by identifying synergies in our practices, in order to help them increase the offering available to their clients.

We also understand that financial planners and accountants seek to retain control of the process, with a view to protecting their relationship with their client. That’s why we offer a genuine opportunity for your clients to benefit from specialist legal advice, while ensuring that your relationship with them as their trusted adviser is maintained.

The provision of legal advice on Wills and estate planning is a distinct service. However, at Szabo & Associates, Solicitors we understand the importance of your clients' continued trust in you. In presenting your professional relationship with our firm to your clients, you dramatically increase the services that you are able to offer to your clients. Furthermore, offering to combine financial and legal advice as a package will also contribute to your reputation as a service provider who has clients’ interests at its core. This could also create opportunities for you to reap additional financial benefits for your firm.

We understand that your clients will only be interested in dealing with lawyers who understand their circumstances and are familiar with the applicable rules and processes that are relevant to their situation. At Szabo & Associates, Solicitors we have developed a successful estate planning service, delivered by lawyers who are specialists in their field and have many years of experience of delivering a client oriented service. Our expertise includes:

Estate administration

Are you often involved in dealing with estates where your client has passed away, and the property remains to be distributed? At Szabo & Associates, Solicitors we are regularly involved in completing the necessary processes for grants of Probate and Letters of Administration, and in carrying out the necessary organisation of an estate. We can structure a package that will involve our handling all of the estate administration, or separate our activities in order that our team will handle all of the legalities in distributing an estate and providing control to you in the physical allocation of assets to surviving family members.

Estate planning (including EPAs & Enduring Guardianship documents)

Do you work with clients who express an interest in reorganising their affairs in order to better plan for the future? Our lawyers have experience with Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs), Enduring Guardianship documents, trusts and other legal vehicles in order to allow for the effective organisation of property. A professional relationship with the team at Szabo & Associates, Solicitors would allow you to identify client needs, and place these with our experienced team. This would undoubtedly contribute savings in time and money for both you and your clients.


Have your clients approached you about a writing a Will? Have you been asked to provide advice on the interpretation of a former client’s final record of their wishes, or have clients that need advice on challenging the terms of a Will? The creation of Wills and proper construction of their terms can be a delicate process. The lawyers at Szabo & Associates, Solicitors are highly skilled in the drafting, explanation and challenging of Wills and happy to offer our services to your clients, allowing them to take comfort in your working with a team of advisors who offer bespoke, professional and expert legal advice and support.

In order for our service to you and your clients to be useful and effective, it is necessary that there is clarity on the role that we will play.

Provision of client specifics

In the first instance, we work with you on a fact-finding exercise. We will need to know a certain amount of information about your client, e.g. personal and financial information in order to, amongst other things, satisfy our own regularity requirements, and determine how best to provide the legal advice their require. Furthermore we would also provide a list of services that we can offer with an accompanying price guide, ensuring transparency and allowing your clients to take the time to consider the variety of services that we offer.

Assessment of client needs

Following provision of the relevant paperwork and supplementary information, our team of lawyers will begin the process of identifying the next steps for your client to take. Where their needs are uncomplicated and instructions are clear, we will begin completing the relevant work. However, where there is a need for ambiguities to be clarified or there is a high degree of complexity involved, we will ask that you arrange a meeting with the client on our behalf. We would encourage your presence in the meeting, giving your client confidence in our professional relationship and ensuring transparency in all interactions between advisor and client.

Delivering the service

We aim to deliver the relevant service as timeously as possible, and to the exact specifications of your client. Where there is the likelihood for matters to warrant additional instructions, our team will liaise with you and your client in order to arrange additional meetings or the provision of further information. Throughout our relationship, we will ensure that you and your client are fully engaged as to the costs of our service before work is carried out.

Expert Estate Planning Lawyers for Financial Planners in Sydney, NSW

At Szabo & Associates, Solicitors we provide a range of legal services that will be useful to your clients in the organisation and planning of their estate. It is our aim to work with colleagues operating in this sphere, to operate a referral service that is designed specifically to meet client demand and places clarity and predictability at its core. We will operate on a fixed fee basis where possible, but will be happy to engage in discussions on the point where matters warrant an alternative arrangement. To learn more about our service and how it could be used to benefit your firm and clients, contact George Szabo today on 02 9281 5088 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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