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Do I Really Need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

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It can be difficult to put matters into perspective when someone asks “do I really need an Enduring Power of Attorney?”  It can be considered akin to insurance. Without an Enduring Power of Attorney in place the risk is that you never become ill suddenly, suffer a stroke, or heart attack, or not realise before it is too late that you are losing the mental capacity to self-manage.

Why you should appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney

Creating an Enduring Power of Attorney document allows someone to deal with your affairs if you are no longer able to do so yourself. It also means you get to choose who will deal with your affairs, rather than perhaps a court making your decisions. This could be particularly important if there are frictions in the family or if someone other than a family member is preferred to act.

It will be necessary to create a separate document should it be desired that someone else can make decisions regarding medical treatment in the event of losing mental capacity.

It is never too soon to plan for your future and enable someone to help you if and when the time comes, but it is a real risk that you leave it too late.

Our expert lawyers can prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney document for you, providing the best advice to ensure its legal soundness and that it accurately expresses your wishes.

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