Public liability is the duty of care of a person, business or government authority (who owns or is responsible for a public area) to the public to ensure that it is safe for their use.

If someone has an accident or suffers a personal injury while on public property, they may be entitled to make a public liability claim. At Szabo & Associates Solicitors, we can advise you whether you have a claim and guide you through the process. Contact our team today to find out how we can help. 

What is a public liability claim?

A public liability claim is the process where a person who has had an accident or suffered a personal injury on public property makes a claim for compensation from the owner (usually through their public liability insurance policy). To make a successful public liability claim, it will be necessary to prove or demonstrate:

  • the extent of the damage that has been incurred;
  • the cause of the injury was the incident;
  • the property owner or business was negligent;
  • that the incident was not the claimant’s fault.

What types of accidents or injuries can lead to a public liability claim?

There are a number of accidents or injuries that could lead to a public liability claim. These include but are not limited to:

  • slips, trips and falls caused by spillages or broken and damaged surfaces such as potholes, uneven pavements and similar;
  • dog and animal attack injuries;
  • physical assaults;
  • injury caused by objects falling from a height or sharp objects that should have been made safe;
  • obstructions on the road, footpaths or other hazards;
  • sporting and recreational activity injuries;
  • injury caused by defective products.

These incidents can occur in a variety of places, such as:

  • supermarkets or shopping centres;
  • rented property;
  • hotels;
  • public transport;
  • school premises, parks and playgrounds;
  • sporting venues.

How much public liability compensation could I receive?

The amount of public liability compensation is dependent on the specifics of the case and the extent of the injury caused, but it can be substantial. Relevant factors to the final settlement include:

  • the cost of treating the physical or psychological injury;
  • medical and nursing, and care costs while recuperating;
  • compensation for pain and suffering; and
  • loss of current and future earnings.

 Our expert public liability lawyers can help gather the necessary evidence to support your claim. If the incident is caught on CCTV, proving negligence can be relatively straightforward. Other cases may need more extensive investigation to make the case.

Are there time limits for making public liability claims?

Public liability claims are subject to time limits. For adults, it is three years from the date of the injury. However, in some cases, it may be possible to claim up to three years from becoming aware of the injuries.

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